*Clubs MUI

MUI Clubs will be places free of violence in which through education will generate positive and creative environments where children and adolescents can develop different skills.

General objective: To stop the dropping out of school through different educational models.

MUI Workshops: Technical workshops will be given by professionals and members of the community in order to generate more employment.

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* MUI Talents

General objective: Promote the development of skills of children in vulnerable contexts through new educational models.

Specific objectives:

  • Training in singing and dancing.
  • Organize plays for children to perform in.
  • Visit and aid shelters.

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* To the homeless kids World Record Guiness

A call will made to schools, media and public spaces to invite children and adolescents from the State of Mexico and the Federal District.

The objective of this event is for the children and adolescents of the State of Mexico and the Federal District to live with children from vulnerable areas and to collect donations to apply them to improve their environment.

The activation consists in bringing together 3,000 underprivileged children to form a Dove of Peace on November 19, World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse. Register as a volunteer here.

Simultaneously wewill have "The Concert for the Childhood" with invited artists, in which the children of the shelter “Ejército de Salvación” will perform the song "Todos los mismos derechos".

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* NO + Media Naranja

General objective: Create change agents for the prevention of partner violence during adolescence.

Specific objectives:

  • Incorporate the educational triad in the process for the prevention of violence.
  • Create new media strategies for prevention.
  • Include strategic institutional actors for the implementation.

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* Everyone with the same rights

This program is designed to help children and adolescents in different contexts carry out social activations in favor of those living in vulnerable conditions.

PHASE 1 Talent program .

PHASE 2 Making the documentary “Ellos también cuentan".

PHASE 3 To the homeless kids World Record Guiness.

PHASE 4 Lion King the musical.

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